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The Day My Baby Taught Me How To Parent Him

4 Apr

When my eldest son was born, I was unskilled at mothering. I had been until then, under the misconception that once I give birth, I would instinctively know how to care for my baby. It could not be any other way, the rest of the animal kingdom do not have the luxury of parenting books, […]

Healing Relationships, Healing Mother Earth

23 Sep

Twenty one years ago, a princess of the flowers was born to me.  My friend gazed down upon the little baby and declared her princess of the stars.  We laughingly agreed that she was a star-flower princess.   Sahya knew nothing about our secret, yet, three years later, she returned from a walk in my ancestral […]

How do I explain Unschooling to skeptics?

24 Aug

When I decided to present a paper for The Homeschool Conference (, I was not sure what would be the theme of the paper. Each day for a month I sat down at my lap top and opened a blank word document and stared at the screen, with nothing coming forth for me to write. […]

Please don’t disturb the still pond!

25 May

Most of us feel uncomfortable when our children exercise their freedom to be silent, walk around seemingly doing nothing of importance. This is because most of us feel uncomfortable ourselves being silent and doing nothing. Modern culture, which is obsessed with activity and productivity, calls it ‘laziness’ and conjures up proverbs like ‘An idle mind […]

Being with my child

30 Aug

Recently a family member told me that I can’t and probably should not tailor make my life around my child. And that my child should figure out “being” around the life that just happens to us. I think this bit of advice is what really got me thinking about the idea of “being” with my […]

Shining with Video Games

17 Aug

I was trapped by the good-mommy-status I had conferred on myself when Raghu was little… timed sessions of TV and Videos, timed sessions with electronic things in general, only whole-grain food, no candy, no refined sugar, etc.  I was coming from the perspective that these things sucked children of their imagination, education, nutrition, health, etc. […]

Socialization for children growing up without school

16 Aug

Often I and many other parents who do not send their children to school face this question repeatedly… “What about socialisation?” Depending on who is asking the question and what the real intentions of the person asking the question is, I frame my answer. If the person’s intention is to see how convinced I am […]

Trusting my children and myself

11 Jun

As children most of us who are now parents, were told to never trust our own wisdom as children. I can speak for myself and say that phrases such as “You don’t know what you are saying or doing.” “Don’t do as I say and you will be in trouble.” “The world is unsafe and […]