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Allowed to just be!

3 Sep

Priya Desikan is a homeschooler from Chennai. At the Swashikshan launch she shared with us how patiently and heart wrenchingly she discovered that her son cannot be taught because he is a self-learner. Presented below is the video of her talk followed by the transcript where she shares how she let go of many of […]

God has a plan for our lives

15 Aug

Alice Lele is a mother to two beautiful daughter’s (15 and 14 years) who never went to school. She speaks about her decision to homeschool being grounded in her deep faith in the Bible and what the Bible says about parents’ responsibility towards the nurturing of the uniqueness of each child. Her faith has been […]

Without the hierarchy of teacher and taught

15 Aug

Divya Tate is homeschooling her two boys, now teenagers, in Pune. She is a passionate cyclist, grows a beautiful edible garden on her apartment terrace and hand crafts beaded jewellery… just a few of the many things she loves… besides being a homeschooling mother! She is also the founding member of the online group of […]

Dad, I want to do magic

14 Aug

This is a story of hope and positivity that Suhani Shah is spreading among millions of attendees to her workshops and seminars. This 22 year old left her schooling while she was 7. Today at 22, Suhani is a Magician, orator, psychosomatic counsellor and a hypnotherapist. Mr CK Shah, her father, shared their journey with […]

Plateau is for the crowd

9 Aug

Supriya and Raj from Mumbai are both engineers and they are unschooling their daughters Malvika (14) and Radha (12). Their story is particularly interesting because the duo come from a family of professionals in various fields. While the couple decided to unschool their daughters; the family members raised a concern of potential risk in choosing […]

Everything has its own time

9 Aug

June Mendez is a homeschooling mom to 3 children. She is an English language teacher and trainer. She lives in Lonavala with her family. Her story is particularly interesting as she is not living in cities like Mumbai or Pune where we have more resources and support of other homeschooling families. Below is the transcript […]

The philosophy of unschooling

8 Aug

Claude Alvares is one of the most distinguished personality in alternate education community. A renowned environmentalist from Goa, Claude is the editor of the Other India Press, an alternative publication based in India and the director of the Goa Foundation. Claude is a PhD from the Technische Hogeschool, Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. Presented below is […]

Beloved Swashiksharthies

8 Aug

Urmila Samson stays in Pune and is one of the most distinguished homeshooling mothers in India. She, with her husband John, have radical ideas about learning and have opted to un-school their three children aged 19 years, 15 years and 12 years, who have never been to school.  Her current favourite definition of education is […]

Nai Taleem in the western ghats

28 Jul

What: A 5-day journey into the world of rural communities When: December 14 to 18, 2012 Where: Chaukul Village (Amboli), District Sindhudurg, Maharashtra It is no secret that the present education system is struggling, and while there have been massive efforts to revamp it through quality education, teacher training and other such means, these have […]

Government of India states that there is nothing illegal about homeschooling

22 Jul

There have been concerns amongst homeschoolers about the RTE Act makeing homeschooling illegal. An affidavit filed by the Government of India on July 18, 2012 in response to a writ petition (No 8870 of 2011) filed by Ms Shreya Sahay & others in Delhi High Court comes as a welcome relief. The petitioners of this […]