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Open up. Live a little

25 Oct

Life is learning. As we look back at each day in the months and years we’ve come through, they seem very similar to one another. But take one yesterday out of the journey and it’s a missing piece in the puzzle. What makes each day so different from the next? Think about it… it was […]

Interview with Dola Dasgupta: Perspective on Living and Growing Without School

20 Oct

Right now, education, in India, is in the throes of change. The Right to Education Act was established recently. With it, comes a huge opportunity to abridge the stark isolation of some sections of our society. Also, the RTE will hopefully set the stage for some meaningful reforms, by overcoming ‘implementation devils’. The government-regulated change […]

History of Homeschooling

5 Oct

Homeschooling as an urban movement started about three decades ago in the US. Some people who were religious did not like the fact that their children did not get a good religious education. They also did not like the lack of values and peer pressure in American classrooms. Another kind of parent who opted for […]

Shining with Video Games

17 Aug

I was trapped by the good-mommy-status I had conferred on myself when Raghu was little… timed sessions of TV and Videos, timed sessions with electronic things in general, only whole-grain food, no candy, no refined sugar, etc.  I was coming from the perspective that these things sucked children of their imagination, education, nutrition, health, etc. […]

Socialization for children growing up without school

16 Aug

Often I and many other parents who do not send their children to school face this question repeatedly… “What about socialisation?” Depending on who is asking the question and what the real intentions of the person asking the question is, I frame my answer. If the person’s intention is to see how convinced I am […]

The philosophy of unschooling

8 Aug

Claude Alvares is one of the most distinguished personality in alternate education community. A renowned environmentalist from Goa, Claude is the editor of the Other India Press, an alternative publication based in India and the director of the Goa Foundation. Claude is a PhD from the Technische Hogeschool, Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. Presented below is […]

Beloved Swashiksharthies

8 Aug

Urmila Samson stays in Pune and is one of the most distinguished homeshooling mothers in India. She, with her husband John, have radical ideas about learning and have opted to un-school their three children aged 19 years, 15 years and 12 years, who have never been to school.  Her current favourite definition of education is […]