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Healing Relationships, Healing Mother Earth

23 Sep

Twenty one years ago, a princess of the flowers was born to me.  My friend gazed down upon the little baby and declared her princess of the stars.  We laughingly agreed that she was a star-flower princess.   Sahya knew nothing about our secret, yet, three years later, she returned from a walk in my ancestral […]

First All India Homeschool Conference

30 Mar

On February 28th 2013, a curious mix of families converged by road and train from various corners of the country.  There were families from Coimbatore and Chennai, Andhra, N. Delhi, W. Bengal, Goa, Karnataka, Gujarat, and of course Maharashtra.  Contrary to popular perception, families came from diverse economic and social backgrounds, from farmers to businessmen, […]

Collaborative Learning

11 Oct

My current favourite definition of education is: Engaging with everything living and non-living. It is possible that in India our curriculum makers would, hearing this, jump to list everything living and non-living and then only consider our education complete once a student has engaged with everything. Finding this impossible, we could subscribe to the Indian […]

History of Homeschooling

5 Oct

Homeschooling as an urban movement started about three decades ago in the US. Some people who were religious did not like the fact that their children did not get a good religious education. They also did not like the lack of values and peer pressure in American classrooms. Another kind of parent who opted for […]

Beloved Swashiksharthies

8 Aug

Urmila Samson stays in Pune and is one of the most distinguished homeshooling mothers in India. She, with her husband John, have radical ideas about learning and have opted to un-school their three children aged 19 years, 15 years and 12 years, who have never been to school.  Her current favourite definition of education is […]