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Say NO to fireworks but not to fire experiments!

16 Dec

My son Megh, eight and a half, and I were lying on the floor and talking of fireworks, during the festival season of Diwali. I told him about my childhood and how crazy I was for fireworks. I told him I would run for more fireworks as soon as the earlier lot was used up. […]

I am Ruchir and I never went to school

30 Jul

Sejal: Hello, Ruchir! Can you briefly introduce yourself? Ruchir: My name is Ruchir and I live in a small village half way to Gandhinagar from Ahmedabad. I am 24. I have never been to school. I learn from things and people around me in that order! I love to travel and talk to people. My […]

Imagination of the Child

27 Apr

After visiting Kanheri Caves and hearing the stories of Angulimala, Megh was introduced to Buddha. While crossing Sardar bridge I showed him the full moon and said, “today is birthday of Bhagavan Buddha, this full moon day (Sharad Purnima) is thus known as “Buddha Purnima.”  He replied, “Hmm… so God has come with cake!” What […]