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Interview with Dola Dasgupta: Perspective on Living and Growing Without School

20 Oct

Right now, education, in India, is in the throes of change. The Right to Education Act was established recently. With it, comes a huge opportunity to abridge the stark isolation of some sections of our society. Also, the RTE will hopefully set the stage for some meaningful reforms, by overcoming ‘implementation devils’. The government-regulated change […]

Homeschoolers Meet in Delhi: Questions, Reflections, Lessons Learned

25 Sep

And, thus our paths converged…. I had not known some until that very moment. Few I’d known for only a week or so. Others – just a few months back. But those 48 hours that we spent together – the homeschoolers of Delhi (and couple of families – from Chennai and Hyderabad) exchanging thoughts, questions, […]