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Do you see what I see?

20 Apr

In a moment of insight that rippled through our family, my daughter Veda made a discovery with letters and numerals. Veda is almost four years old and has not been to any school. Veda read F-O-X and T-U-B yesterday by herself. She then looked at the pictures that were on the card that has the […]

Being with my child

30 Aug

Recently a family member told me that I can’t and probably should not tailor make my life around my child. And that my child should figure out “being” around the life that just happens to us. I think this bit of advice is what really got me thinking about the idea of “being” with my […]

The Big Book of Unschooling

23 Aug

Sandra Dodd studied at the University of New Mexico, read John Holt’s writings on school reform and learned about Open Classroom Philosophy in the 1970’s. Once she had children she states that she got introduced to Attachment Parenting, the La Leche league and her life naturally progressed to a situation where her three children never […]

Connecting the drops!

27 Jul

“Amma—can we wear our laincoats and go down pleeeaaase?” Oh! that “l” for “r” makes me smile all the time. Veda who is two years and ten months old frantically tugs at my dress and drags me to the cupboard to get her plastic raincoat, so we can go down and jump in muddy puddles. […]