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Homeschooling Children with Special Needs – A Talking Point

22 Aug

In the last year, we have had numerous queries from parents of children with special needs about homeschooling. Many are fed up and frustrated with the existing set up of a mainstream school, where they have to constantly fight to fit in and be included. Some are also unhappy with special schools as they feel […]

Boards and Homeschoolers

13 Dec

“Okay, so you are homeschooling your child……but what about his future? Will he go back to school sometime? Will he take exams like other children and pursue further studies? Do colleges and universities here recognise homeschoolers? Will he get to do the course he wants to do?” So many questions….questions that many homeschoolers are often […]


5 Oct

The seed for SwashikshanTV was sown in a casual Facebook post on the Swashikshan page, a few months ago; where Hema A. Bharadwaj said that she was keen that we start a YouTube channel for Indian Homeschoolers. This was even before Swashikshan was formally launched! Just as a seed starts to germinate when the time […]

Allowed to just be!

3 Sep

Priya Desikan is a homeschooler from Chennai. At the Swashikshan launch she shared with us how patiently and heart wrenchingly she discovered that her son cannot be taught because he is a self-learner. Presented below is the video of her talk followed by the transcript where she shares how she let go of many of […]

How does a plant say ‘Thank you!’?

11 Jun

Not a day goes by without my saying ‘Thank you!’ to God for the decision on homeschooling that we took. At that moment it was like jumping off a cliff blindfolded, albeit with complete faith in oneself, one’s child and in the Supreme Power. And today it seems as natural as breathing. I can say […]

My learnings and ‘un-learnings’

10 Jun

When we know that a child has a disability, we immediately try and make an attempt to understand things better. But when it is a child without a ‘label’, we immediately raise the bar for everything that they say and do. Why? Why is it that we don’t make an effort to try and understand […]