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Our Very Own History Channel

11 Apr

Dolls take the stage in re-enacting scenes from history and help bring the textbook to life.

Save Open Schooling

3 Apr

We need to urge the Ministry of Human Resource Development to recognize the role of the NIOS and all of its programs including the Open Basic Education program in fulfilling the mission of the Right to Education and to support the multiple paths of learning that children in India are following.

Zero is Beautiful: Teaching Mathematics as if People Mattered

19 Feb

When our daughter saw that the numeral 10 comprised a 1 and a 0 she flung herself upon a chair and cried. We were taken aback, unprepared for the blow this dealt to her understanding of number and how she would struggle to make sense of it.

Is there a curriculum in this house?

18 Apr

Kanti wakes up and starts telling the story of her dream to her mother, Shanti.  The story involves some balls rolling down some hills or steps or slides – she can’t really tell and in the dream they sort of morphed one into another.  She closes her eyes again for some time.  Then she jumps […]

Khandala and the Yule-tide Spirit

2 Apr

“Does one desire the Yule-tide spirit, sir?” “Certainly one does.  I am all for it.” – P.G. Wodehouse, The Inimitable Jeeves We were looking forward to the India Homeschoolers’ Conference from even before it was proposed; wishing and hoping that there could be a time and place for all of us to be together for […]

Slow Learning

21 Nov

We often ask, what is learning?  Now let us ask, what is slow learning? 1. Slow In Space and Time in Classical Mechanics, Einstein asks to imagine that he has dropped a stone while in a moving train.  As it happens he asks us to imagine that he has dropped it outside the train, from […]