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Swashikshan Conference 2019 – Hyderabad

24 Nov

It is time for the 7th Swashikshan Annual Meetup – the annual meetup of Indian Homeschoolers. The first two conferences were held at Khandala in Maharashtra, the 3rd conference was at Aavishkaar campus at Palampur (Himachal Pradesh), the 4th at Visthar campus, Bangalore, the 5th in Indore and the 6th in scenic Goa! Hyderabad/Secunderabad has […]

I am homeschooling my child in her best interests

1 Feb

Childline, an NGO in Kerala, complained to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) that a certain family was not sending their child to school. The complain was made in October 2015. The family was summoned to the CWC, which asked them to file an affidavit. After lengthy discussions and help from advocates, here is their reply. […]

Learning and Farming – An Indian View

11 Dec

Learning and Farming plays a very critical role in life of individual as well as society says Claude Alvares. He claims that though they seem separate, but, in reality, they are deeply interconnected. He laments the fact that the way multinational corporations, for their vested interest, are destroying native agricultural practices. He also grieves over […]

Homeschooling at Chennai

10 Feb

Sangeetha Sriram and Hema Jain, two homeschooling parents from Chennai, shared their thoughts and stories on a radio programme on Radio One Chennai. The programme was a mix of English and Tamil and it was superb! Do tune in and share your thoughts with all of us. The audio has also been posted on Swashikshan […]

Indian Homeschoolers Conference 2014

23 Dec

The much awaited second Indian Homeschoolers Conference (IHC ’14) is here – a gathering of like minded souls at Khandala to share their experiences, learn from each other and rejoice the company of the amazing homeschooling community. If you have not been to the conference before and want to know more about the experience please […]

Learning to be Free

24 May

Shaju Philip of Indian Express writes about 13 year old Minon who won the National Award for the best child actor this year for the Malayalam film 101 Chodyangal (101 Questions). Minon’s father is sculptor-craftsman John Baby and mother Mini John is a painter. They wanted their children to enjoy life and the freedom it […]

When Learning Comes Naturally

23 Apr

Purba Sen Mitra writes about homeschooling and homeschoolers in her article for Good News Tab. The article is being reproduced here with the permission from Good News Tab. What if learning could be a journey without any beginning or end where children could design their own curriculum and become their own teachers? What if children […]

God has a plan for our lives

15 Aug

Alice Lele is a mother to two beautiful daughter’s (15 and 14 years) who never went to school. She speaks about her decision to homeschool being grounded in her deep faith in the Bible and what the Bible says about parents’ responsibility towards the nurturing of the uniqueness of each child. Her faith has been […]

Without the hierarchy of teacher and taught

15 Aug

Divya Tate is homeschooling her two boys, now teenagers, in Pune. She is a passionate cyclist, grows a beautiful edible garden on her apartment terrace and hand crafts beaded jewellery… just a few of the many things she loves… besides being a homeschooling mother! She is also the founding member of the online group of […]

Dad, I want to do magic

14 Aug

This is a story of hope and positivity that Suhani Shah is spreading among millions of attendees to her workshops and seminars. This 22 year old left her schooling while she was 7. Today at 22, Suhani is a Magician, orator, psychosomatic counsellor and a hypnotherapist. Mr CK Shah, her father, shared their journey with […]