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How do I explain Unschooling to skeptics?

24 Aug

When I decided to present a paper for The Homeschool Conference (, I was not sure what would be the theme of the paper. Each day for a month I sat down at my lap top and opened a blank word document and stared at the screen, with nothing coming forth for me to write. […]

Reflecting back at the Indian Homeschoolers Conference!

15 Apr

The first Indian Homeschoolers’ Conference under the umbrella of Swashikshan – the Indian Association of Homeschoolers, was held between 28th February and 3rd March at St Mary’s Villa in Khandala in Maharashtra. St Mary’s Villa is located on the hills of Khandala overlooking a valley. Two hundred people from all over India attended the conference […]

India Homeschoolers’ Conference 2013

9 Jan

“Young and old, Sharing space, Sharing time, Living life. Free to play, Free to create, Free to be whoever, They like.” These were the words that Charlotte, a young homeschooling mother from Panchgani, used in a sentence to express her vision of the first Indian Homeschoolers’ Conference, to be held in Khandala, Maharashtra from Feb […]

Learning without schooling

28 Dec

This article was compiled after much deliberation on the Swashikshan online e-group, following individual responses to a questionnaire prepared by the author. It reflects the diverse, unique and vibrant flavours of the Indian Homeschooling Community – a community that celebrates learning and growing without school. Different Flavours of Homeschooling When P. Aravinda, from Mumbai, Maharashtra […]

Learning is like breathing: Connecting one inhale to another exhale!

29 Aug

When Ishaan was as young as two, he loved horses and trains. And Gourika always loved Hindi films like me.  So we would sit together and watch the famous Indian film Sholay, the Indian action film of all times. Well I liked the film always for its story and Amitabh Bachchan and the great romance […]

Socialization for children growing up without school

16 Aug

Often I and many other parents who do not send their children to school face this question repeatedly… “What about socialisation?” Depending on who is asking the question and what the real intentions of the person asking the question is, I frame my answer. If the person’s intention is to see how convinced I am […]

Trusting my children and myself

11 Jun

As children most of us who are now parents, were told to never trust our own wisdom as children. I can speak for myself and say that phrases such as “You don’t know what you are saying or doing.” “Don’t do as I say and you will be in trouble.” “The world is unsafe and […]